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BuildAPP is a really awesome "Buildapp040101, RAD Web/Database Application" by Michael Brinkley that was published at ASP Alliance years ago, that now appears to have been abandoned. I have found it to be really useful for generating Classic ASP database pages, and so am going to inquire about adopting the project for this site, Classic ASP Reference. Because the source files no longer seem to be available at ASP Alliance, I am providing the zip file here, if no one minds. (Author Michael Brinkley has given me his permission to host it here.)

To install BuildApp, create a writeable directory on your website, and give it a random name that no one will be able to guess. You will need to make the folder writeable from your control panel (if on a hosted service) rather than by using FrontPage, because you need to be able to have ASP files executed inside the writeable folder. After uploading the BuildApp ASP files, go to buildapp.asp on your site and get started on your new application.


You may view the original buildapp tour here:

However, it is difficult to find the complete application set there, as the project seems to be abandoned. Here is a link to part of it:


When I was an ASP newbie, I tried BuildApp and liked it but didn't know how to select which fields it would output. Here are a couple of tips.

One way to limit the output to only the fields you select is to designate those fields in your SQL statement:


Another way is to edit the resulting page, substituting the record set field value for the generic 'x.value' : objRS("NEWS_SUB")