Saving your tweets to a database and then displaying them from the database rather than from your Twitter xml helps to keep your site within the 350 requests per hour rate limit.

Classic ASP Active Server Pages Examples, code, tutorials, scriptsClassic ASP for Twitter - Cache Tweets In Database, Respect Rate Limits

First of all, I want to acknowledge for getting me started with Twitter for Classic ASP. I use his Twitter update script and his Twitter TinyURL script a lot. UPDATE: Saputra's script uses basic authentication which Twitter will no longer support after June 2010. For an idea of how to use Oauth with Classic ASP to automatically update Twitter status, see this example.

The scripts on this page came about because I got to thinking about Twitter's Rate Limit of 350 requests per hour. I decided to cache or dump Tweets into a database and display the Tweets table instead of displaying the Twitter xml file. I think it is a good idea to archive all your tweets in a database anyhow.

The tweetstodb.asp file checks the DateTime and Switch fields of the twittercache.mdb file and if 5 or more minutes has passed since DateTime was modifed, and then if Switch equals 1, it updates Switch to 0 and checks to see if there are existing records with TweetID's that match the tweets of the xml file. Any unmatched tweets are inserted into the database. Then the Switch field is set back to 1.

This limits requests to the Twitter xml file to a max of 12 per hour. That's the idea, anyhow and it seems to be working fine for me.

The file twittercache.asp is for displaying the tweets that have been saved to the database. You can see it in use at Quarter Horse Times. I include the tweetstodb.asp file in the footer of the page and include the twittercache.asp file for display in a text scoller. Technically, if I wanted to be sure to show a visitor the most up-to-date Tweets, I should include tweetstodb.asp in the page BEFORE twittercache.asp. However, I decided not to, because receiving and processing the external xml file may slow down the page load.

NOTE: When first trying to sort the table by the TweetsID numbers, I ran into problems. Because of similar issues with stack overflow etc., I had made the TweetID field a text field. When I attempted to convert it to numeric for the sql statement for display, the same problems appeared. Here is the SQL statement that works using CDBL, so that I can use the field TweetID as numeric for sorting the display from newest to oldest Tweets: "select TOP 20 * from [Tweets] ORDER BY cdbl(Trim(TweetID)) DESC" -- I put the trim in there just in case there were any leading/trailing spaces in the string.

NOTE: The Twitter development team says they will discontinue supporting basic authentication in June 2010 and everyone will need to be using Oauth by then. Here is a Classic ASP implementation of Twitter's current Oauth system, by Scott Desapio. Here is an example using Scott's library to for making automated status updates. Here is a tutorial of registering an app with Twitter.


'tweetstodb.asp by
'Open Connection to the database
TwitterConn = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & server.mappath("..\data\twittercache.mdb") & ";"
set Tconn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Tconn.Open TwitterConn

Set rsUD = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
rsUD.Open sqlUD, Tconn, 3, 3
If NOT rsUD.eof Then
latestDate = now()
timeInterval = (DateDiff("n",rsUD("DateTime"),latestDate))
'response.write "Time interval is " & timeInterval

if timeInterval > 5 then 'change the number of minutes to how often to check for new tweets (triggered by loading pg in browser or by task mgr/cron service)

'response.write "Checking now"
SwitchTurn = rsUD("Switch")
set rsUD=nothing
'response.write " switch: " & SwitchTurn & "<BR>"
if SwitchTurn=0 then

'NOTE--the feed url below will show only tweets that you have personally originated. If you want to include your retweets, then you will need to adapt the script for your Twitter rss feed instead, which uses your Twitter id number instead of your account name.
TheFeed = ""
Set objXML = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
objXML.Async = False
objXML.SetProperty "ServerHTTPRequest", True
objXML.ResolveExternals = True
objXML.ValidateOnParse = True
CellCount = 0

If (objXML.parseError.errorCode = 0) Then

Set objRoot = objXML.documentElement
If IsObject(objRoot) = False Then

'response.write ""


Set objItems = objRoot.getElementsByTagName("status")

If IsObject(objItems) = True Then

For Each objItem in objItems

'On Error Resume Next
'uncomment this line if not concerned about error checking, optional

x_TweetID = objItem.selectSingleNode("id").Text
x_Tweet = objItem.selectSingleNode("text").Text
x_Created = objItem.selectSingleNode("created_at").Text

x_Time = ""
x_TweetOK = 1
x_Status = "OK"
x_Destroyed = 0
x_DelStatus = ""

sqlCheck = "SELECT * FROM [Tweets] WHERE TweetID='" & x_TweetID &"'"

Set rsCheck = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
rsCheck.Open sqlCheck, Tconn, 1, 2
if rsCheck.eof then
' Open record
strTsql = "SELECT * FROM [Tweets] WHERE 0 = 1"

set Trs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
Trs.Open strTsql, Tconn, 1, 2


Trs("Created") = Trim(x_Created)
tmpFld = x_ItemCount
If Not IsNumeric(tmpFld) Then tmpFld = 0
Trs("ItemCount") = cLng(tmpFld)
tmpFld = x_SendCount
If Not IsNumeric(tmpFld) Then tmpFld = 0
Trs("SendCount") = cLng(tmpFld)

Trs("Time") = now()

tmpFld = Trim(x_Tweet)
If trim(tmpFld) & "x" = "x" Then tmpFld = Null
Trs("Tweet") = tmpFld
tmpFld = x_TimeSent
If IsDate(tmpFld) Then
Trs("TimeSent") = cDate(tmpFld)
Trs("TimeSent") = Null
End If
tmpFld = x_TweetOK
If Not IsNumeric(tmpFld) Then tmpFld = 0
Trs("TweetOK") = cLng(tmpFld)
tmpFld = Trim(x_Status)
If trim(tmpFld) & "x" = "x" Then tmpFld = Null
Trs("Status") = tmpFld

Trs("Destroyed") = Null

tmpFld = Trim(x_DelStatus)
If trim(tmpFld) & "x" = "x" Then tmpFld = Null
Trs("DelStatus") = tmpFld

tmpFld = Trim(x_TweetID)
If Not IsNumeric(tmpFld) Then tmpFld = 0
Trs("TweetID") = (tmpFld)


'response.write "<br>Record inserted:" & Trs("IDkey")&"<br>"
Set Trs = Nothing
end if
set rsCheck=nothing


End If

Set objItems = Nothing

end if
End If


'response.write "There was an error retrieving the news feed

End If

Set objXML = Nothing

set cmClick = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
cmClick.ActiveConnection = Tconn
cmClick.CommandText = "UPDATE SWITCH SET [Switch] = 1"
cmClick.CommandType = 1
cmClick.CommandTimeout = 0
cmClick.Prepared = true

set cmClick = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
cmClick.ActiveConnection = Tconn
cmClick.CommandText = "UPDATE SWITCH SET [UDcnt] = UDcnt+ 1"
cmClick.CommandType = 1
cmClick.CommandTimeout = 0
cmClick.Prepared = true

end if
end if

Set Tconn = Nothing



Download Access Database

twittercache.asp for displaying the tweets


' Connect to the db with a DSN-less connection
cn="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & server.mappath("..\data\twittercache.mdb") & ";"

' Create a server recordset object
Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

' Select all data from the table the_bird
sql = "select TOP 20 * from [Tweets] ORDER BY cdbl(Trim(TweetID)) DESC"

' Execute the sql
rs.Open sql, cn

' Move to the first record

' Start a loop that will end with the last record
do while not rs.eof

TheText = rs("Tweet")
TheLink = ""& rs("TweetID")
TheDate = rs("Created")

'* @TITLE: Regexp Autolink Function
'* @PACKAGE: Simple Classic ASP Twitter API
'* @AUTHOR: Ariel G. Saputra <>
'* @DESCRIPTION: function to search and replace url in a text into clickable url
'* @DATE: May 15 2009
'function aspTwitterAutolink(strHtml)
'Dim objRegex,strReturn
set objRegex = new regexp
objRegex.Pattern = "(\b(?:(?:https?|ftp|file)://|www\.|ftp\.)(?:\([-A-Z0-9+&@#/%=~_|$?!:,.]*\)|[-A-Z0-9+&@#/%=~_|$?!:,.])*(?:\([-A-Z0-9+&@#/%=~_|$?!:,.]*\)|[A-Z0-9+&@#/%=~_|$]))"
objRegex.IgnoreCase = true
objRegex.Global = true
strReturn = objRegex.Replace(TheText, "<a href=""$1"" target = ""_blank"">$1</a>")
set objRegex = nothing
TheText = strReturn
'end function

Response.Write "<font size='-1'><a target='_blank' href=" & TheLink & "></a>: " & _

"<b>" & TheText & "</b>" & _

"" & _

"<br />"

'Response.Write TheDesc & _

'"<br />"

Response.Write TheDate &"</font>"& _

"<hr />"

' Move to the next record
' Loop back to the do statement
loop %>

' Close and set the recordset to nothing
set rs=nothing

Set cn = Nothing



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