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4This script cobbled together by Lil Peck
ASP Access Database Interface Online Generator Wizard
(Is that enough 'buzzwords'?)
  BARE BONES SCRIPTS, easy to customize! Now for generating data display and for inserting new records. Download Script Generator Wizard to use on your own site.  Example of generated scripts.      Wizard Demo4

I spent HOURS putting this thing together for my own use. If you like it please rate and review it at  or if you find errors or have suggestions for improvement please email me.  (I think it is nice, when you find someone's code to be helpful, to let them know; if we take and take without showing any appreciation, why should folks continue to give away code?)

I find that quite frequently, I don't want lots of bells and whistles. I'd rather just use bare-bones ASP coding to get the job done quickly and easily. I wanted something so simple that even an ASP newbie such as I was not so long ago, could use it.

Please note that the script generator files (linked below for saving) may create scripts that have little errors in them. If you will let me know about these errors I will try to improve the generator scripts.

There are several script examples and tutorials that I've used over and over and you'll see them noted on these pages.

I got to where I was dreading customizing a database display script yet again with a different set of table names and field names.

There are some free script utilities and generators that create database interfaces, but I wanted something that wouldn't require me to type in the field names and that would display selected fields and not just spew all fields out indiscriminately. (See also the classic Buildapp, which is awesome!)

Microsoft Access can be used to export database display as an ASP page, but then I have to rewrite the database connection and that's too much work... I wanted something that would automate database interfaces quickly and easily, plus be *FUN!*

Never one to back away from working harder to design something that will be *FUN!* to use, I decided to code a wizard that detects your Access filename, then displays the Tables and Fields for selection, and then writes the script to display the records in a table.

The wizard isn't perfect because sometimes the generated code has small, easily fixed errors. Still, it is a nice timesaver. These pages are the demo to show you how the wizard works. I have disabled the upload of the demo, but you may download the fully-functional creation scripts and install them on your own server.

Please email me if you find this useful or interesting at all. Please email about errors you find.

Please note also that the generated scripts are BARE BONES without any security code, etc. Use at your own risk. To use, just download the zip file, open it and then place all of the files inside a web folder together.  Proceed to the Wizard Demo4

4Get this script set:

Just copy and paste each script into notepad then save it.

As you find errors, please email me so that I can fix the problems. Thanks!

  1. select_database.asp
  2. 1showtablenames.asp
  3. 2showtablenames.asp
  4. create_list_view.asp
  5. record_insertion_form.asp
  6. editarecord.asp
  7. deletearecord.asp
  8. get_upload_form_variables.asp
  9. create_upload_form.asp

On the generated add and edit pages you may have problems when form submissions have apostrophes in them. You can use the following replacement code to replace single ' with '' so that it won't mess up the script's sql processing.

1. MemoField = request.form("GALLERY_DESCRIPTION") ' Field from form

sql = "UPDATE [GALLERIES] SET  [GALLERY_DESCRIPTION]='" & Replace(MemoField,"'","''") &" WHERE [GALLERY_ID]=" & request.form("key") & ""

2. Some of the scripts may be generated w/o the sql request.form fields formatted properly: request.form(text)  -- change to request.form("text")


(BTW, here's a script on that looks interesting and useful.)
The classic Buildapp may also be just what you want.