Customized on the fly stylesheets

I wanted to set it up so users can make their own stylesheets. My thinking is that when I get my big big big set of scripts all done, that users can create individual styles for each classified ad or whatever.

You could make these so that only the user sees their own style or so that everyone sees their style on their pages.

It will be very easy to incorporate logo and background graphic uploads into this too but I'm too tired to do that now. I'm a professional horse trainer and I should have been resting instead of messing with code all night long. Oh well.

I'm too lazy to work out the entire thing with accompanying javascript for the color chart but this example shows how you could use's color picker with the asp script.

I took a look at this code:

to come up with this method for user-created customized stylesheets.

For the example here I used someone's random string generator along with date code for naming the files.

Click here for form code example. Click here for poststyle.asp code.


    scrollbar-3dlight-color :1

scrollbar-arrow-color :2

scrollbar-base-color :3

scrollbar-darkshadow-color :4

scrollbar-face-color :5

scrollbar-highlight-color :6

scrollbar-shadow-color :7

scrollbar-track-color :8


active link color:10




Main table border color: 14

Main table text color:15

Main table background color: 16

Title cells background color 17

Title cells text color 18

Title cells border color 18b

Data cells background color 19

Data cells text color20

Background of price header row