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Download zip with source files -- for NEWEST (updated 3/6/04) upload form CLICK HERE (also contained in zip file)
This is not beautiful, finished code.

Download upload form UPDATED: now script will either upload new image and create new record or EDIT existing record with new file upload.
When I get time, I will add a file-delete to this so that if box is checked script may delete existing file when it uploads a new one for edit record



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This is no longer current. You can use ASPupload for uploading. The pure script upload with my database interface maker also works well. Because the newer IIS versions have a default limit of 200 kb for file uploads, I think it is better to use scripts that use ASPupload, for bypassing the file size limitations.

For some time, I have wanted a script that would:
1. Upload images
2. Restrict file types both client-side and server-side
3. Give each file a correctly formatted, randomized name so as to avoid overwriting existing files This is also useful in the case of web communities where you have people doing uploads who upload files with unusable garbage file names that have characters such as # in them.
4. Use ASPjpeg (by Persits software)  to create thumbnails on-the-fly. If you don't know if your host's servers have this component, run a test for it. They may have it even if they don't advertise such.
Click for free Highly recommended thumbnailer for which you don't need Server access.

For informational purposes only. No warranties of any kind. I can't claim any of this code as my own. All I have done, as usual, is surf relentlessly for bits and pieces of code that I can use together in a script to do what I need. Acknowledgements: I have found and to be excellent sources of information. I have relied heavily on code by Lewis Moten. Thanks to all the fine folks who have freely shared their code and coding tips!!! I use ASPmaker to automate as much code generation as possible and when necessary,  I use Note Pad to add enhancements and alterations.

My primary interest in coding is for the creation of websites for horsemen. I enjoy creating web videos to advertise horses for sale and many of my web videos appear on Recently, I have begun playing with composing my own music loops. I have submitted some of them to I have very little musical talent, but as is so often the case with people who lack talent, I enjoy it a great deal anyhow. The free program, Anvil Studio ( available from ) makes music creation very easy even for non-musicians. I purchased a couple of the mods for it because I like it so much and because the pricing is so reasonable.

Thanks for taking a look and if you have suggestions for how to make this upload script better, let me know. --Lil